About S.S.

Sanshin Nutrition Technology Co,. Ltd.(S.S. Nutrition) is founded in October, 2003. In the beginning, the main business terms involve selling additives, raw material and feed for swine. Gradually, the company gets hold of the business-opportunity of producing and selling animal feed and concentrated feed….more

The Origin of PRP

In 2007, our company developed PRP from brewer’s yeast through special fermentation. By a series of laboratory test, we found that PRP would non-specifically attach to bacteria cell membrane. Besides, PRP will attach to the gut mucous membrane, release the signaling to immune cells and therefore stimulate the immune reaction….more

The Development of PRP

Our company developed PRP from brewer’s yeast through special fermentation. It was discovered in the laboratory that PRP has the characteristics of binding pathogens non-specifically and enters the intestinal mucosa. Therefore, it is named as the the “Pathogenic Recognition Protein (PRP)”….more

With the flu outbreak, you have a better choice : Pathogenic Recognition Protein (PRP)

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the latest research results and pointed out that seasonal influenza can cause up to 640,000 deaths worldwide each year, far higher than the previous projection of 250,000 to 500,000 people. The World Health Organization (WHO) experts said that the prevention of seasonal infectious diseases cannot be delayed….more