About S.S.

Sanshin Nutrition Technology Inc.(S.S. Nutrition) is founded in October, 2003. In the beginning, the main business terms involve selling additives, raw material and feed for swine. Gradually, the company gets hold of the business-opportunity of producing and selling animal feed and concentrated feed.

In 2006, the founder thought animal husbandry would develop toward the consolidation of enterprises, which resulted the marketing would get more competitive.  Consequently, the founder established the brand “Super-Pig" himself and hoped that he could create a new situation. However, due to the lack of experience and the low market acceptance for Super-Pig,  the brand was stopped 2 year later.

In 2008, S.S. Nutrition cooperated with Cha I Shan Foods Co., Ltd.(CIA Foods) and took the past experience of managing Super-Pig, to produce delicious meat. Afterwards, S.S. Nutrition acted as the bridge between CIA Foods and swine farmers. The swine farmer was the one to raise healthy, no drug residue pigs, and CIA Foods served as the slaughter and the Super-Pig dealer.

However, swine husbandry was facing with the attack of Rotavirus and Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. Thus, there were often unsolvable problems on the supply and quality of pork. Then, the husbandry would like to deal with this situation with compounds enhancing the cell antioxidant capacity or stimulating the immune cells, but the effect was limited.

There was an occasional chance that the founder of S.S. Nutrition knew Colostrum Pathogenic Recognition Protein (CPRP). This protein could attach to non-specific antigens in gut, enter the gut mucous membrane and release signals to immune cells, which stimulates immune cells and produces antibodies against antigens. Because CPRP takes advantage of self-immune system to produce antibodies against the disease, it is different with the solution of enhancing the cell antioxidant capacity or stimulating the immune cells. Therefore, this new solution is applied into the animal feeding and shows the great effect.

Thanks to CPRP, nowadays S.S. Nutrition not only serves as the creator and integrator of the animal industry also heads forward the prevention and cure of animals/human disease and the development of the new medicine.