With the flu outbreak, you have a better choice : Pathogenic Recognition Protein (PRP)

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the latest research results and pointed out that seasonal influenza can cause up to 640,000 deaths worldwide each year, far higher than the previous projection of 250,000 to 500,000 people. The World Health Organization (WHO) experts said that the prevention of seasonal infectious diseases cannot be delayed.

Century Threat-Variable Influenza Virus

    The influenza virus is an RNA virus. Among the three influenza viruses that infect humans, the influenza A virus has extremely strong variability, followed by the type B. The high variability of the influenza virus increases people’s difficulty in dealing with influenza. At present way to prevent the flu is vaccination, people can not accurately predict the upcoming pandemic virus subtype. The variable virus can not be targeted for preventive vaccination. Currently, most of the drugs used to treat influenza are virus blockers, which can block the replication of the virus and prevent the virus from spreading. However, drug resistance has emerged. Some patients do not have significant effects after taking the drug, and a few cases show side effects. How can we solve this dilemma?

Health Breakthrough-A Natural Virus Terminator

  Our company developed PRP from brewer’s yeast through special fermentation and found that PRP can bind non-specifically to the pathogenic cell membrane and adhere to the intestinal mucosa, releasing messages to immune cells and inducing immune responses.

PRP Mechanism

  When PRP comes into the body, it captures the intestinal flu virus, binds it, and enters the intestinal mucosa to induce a mucosal immune response. As the immune cells are transported from the blood to the entire body, specific antibodies against the influenza virus (IgA) are produced. An antibody is like a soldier who protects the body. When the number of antibodies increases, it will neutralize the virus more effectively and eliminate the virus.

CPRP機制 英文

The H1N1 Challenge Experiment

Professor Lin of the National Defense University conducted a mouse H1N1 challenge experiment. After 1 day of challenge with mice with influenza virus H1N1, PRP was fed every 4 hours. After 3 days of feeding, 70% of the mice had only a few influenza virus in their blood, and the lungs were not damaged. In contrast, mice that were only given placebo still had influenza virus in their blood and the lungs had been infiltrated and damaged. This indicates that mice fed the PRP group successfully reduced the chance of the H1N1 virus attacking lung tissue. It was found that the amount of virus in the blood of the test group decreased significantly after taking PRP, while the amount of virus in the blood of the control group increased significantly. (As shown below)

f3 (1).jpg


PRP Application

 Due to the mechanism that PRP will bind the virus and help the immune system to produce antibodies to neutralize the virus, when flu symptoms occur, take 2-3 tablets every 4 hours. We found that the influenza which usually takes 7 to 10 days to get better  would be relieved “within 3 days". In addition, it is surprising that PRP can effectively improve respiratory symptoms such as sore throat and nasal inflammation. The symptoms will be significantly improved within two hours after taking PRP. The  potential of “PRP" cannot be underestimated. At present, PRP has been sold in Taiwan. And has helped to prevent or improve influenza symptoms for many patients. It is believed that PRP will solve the problem that the variable influenza virus is unpredictable for the vaccine. As a 100% natural component , PRP has no metabolic burden and can solve the problem of drug resistance.

Solving Vaccine Dilemma

  At present, the way to prevent influenza is to inject vaccines. However, vaccines cannot accurately predict influenza strains. With the rapid mutation of viruses, the effectiveness of preventing influenza every year is only about 50%. We believed that PRP will be the only strategy to defend the unpredictable influenza virus.

Solving Drug Resistance Dilemma

  PRP is an unique material, without metabolic burden on the body, and no drug resistance problem. Unlike influenza drugs, the main mechanism of PRP is to increase the amount of antibodies in the body, like strengthening the army of the body, to help the immune system autonomously capture the virus.

Different from Other Health Supplements!!

  PRP is different from the common health supplements on the market. For example, vitamin C is a good antioxidant that prevents free radical damage and enables armor-like protection of cells in the body; Ganoderma enhances immunity by enhancing the function of phagocytic cells and natural killer cells through the “innate immunity” mechanism, as if strengthening the resident forces of the body and activating the first-line immune cells.

    Unlike the above, PRP’s greatest feature is through the “acquired immunity" mechanism that promotes the body to produce antibodies that neutralize the virus and prevent it from reproduction. This strengthens the back-up forces by increasing the amount of antibody, with IgG that was originally retained in the body and IgA which is extra produced by mucosal immune system that induced by PRP. Two kinds of antibodies (IgG+IgA) must be more effective than only one kind of antibody (IgG).

~Unlimited Potential~

   Faced with the threat of influenza, how to effectively overcome the problem have become a worldwide issue. PRP is the result of Taiwanese research and has successfully help prevent common cold or Influenza. It is currently on the market in Taiwan and has received positive responses that help many patients enhance their immune system. In addition, the research team of Taiwan participated in an international exhibition-“Vitafoods Europe" in May 2018 , and will attend “CIHIE" in China in August 2018, and  “CPhI" in Madrid in October 2018. We will continue to participate in international exhibitions to show people that the big disaster of influenza can be solved and give them hope. As the saying goes, how big the dream is, how big the world is. How to help more people get away from pain of influenza is our current striving direction. We believed that PRP will be the most important health breakthrough since the discovery of antibiotics. It will solve the long-standing plight of human beings on the virus and symbolize the arrival of a new era in the history of health supplement.