The H1N1 Virus Challenge in Mice

Applicant:Sanshin Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called S.S. Nutrition)
Entrusted Institutions:Development Center of Biotechnology (hereinafter called DCB)
Principal Investigator:Prof. Gu-Jiun Lin in National Defense Medical Center
Sample:PRP from S.S. Nutrition
Group:In Yeast group, mice are treated with PRP after the virus challenge.
The control group is normally supplied with water and feed.


1. Determination of influenza A virus TCID50 titer from mouse lung tissues. 繼續閱讀「The H1N1 Virus Challenge in Mice」

(整理)藍耳病攻毒試驗-中和抗體 PRRS virus challenge experiment and Neutralizing antibody

試驗目的:研究旨在以已無豬生殖與呼吸道綜合症病毒(PRRSv)感染之豬隻測試病原辨識初乳蛋白PRCP對 PRRSv 之防治效用

The purpose:To assess the prevention effect of PRCP on PRRSv-free pigs.
The site:National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
The period:June 4, 2016 to Feb. 28, 2017
The subject:12 Pigs

( 中文版 ) (整理)藍耳病攻毒試驗-中和抗體
(English) PRRS virus challenge experiment and Neutralizing antibody

PRRSV-Free Experiment

Introduction:Take the experiment from “Simultaneous Test” and “Comparasion between after using PRCP and before using”. PRCP is found to assist the produce of immunoglobulin A, which will block PRRS virus out of the mucosa layer and neutralize virus. Consequently, a new test is conducted in a positive-IgG pig farm. Nowadays, PRRS virus exists in the surroundings. If no empty the pigsty, it is hard to eliminate the virus, which causes that the virus will infect hosts and that the IgG titer results are positive. With an index of the PRRS-IgG titer, we observe PRP will eliminate virus in vivo or not.

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(English) PRRSv-Free Experiment

The comparison between after using PRP and before using

The purpose of this study:By the former simultaneous test, the result showed that pathogenic recognition protein (PRP) will enhance the generation of the immunoglobulin A for protection, which lowers the IgG titer. In order to make sure of the immune reaction, this test is conducted in a positive IgG pig farm to observe whether PRP will lower the IgG titer.

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(English) The comparison between after using PRCP and before using

Simultaneous Test

The purpose of this study:Assess PRP whether will stimulate the immune reaction.
The subject:16 four-week-old pigs
The feeding enviroment:16 pigs are divides into two group. Two groups are kept in adjacent pigsties. The experiment group is supplied with the feed containing 0.02% PRP; the other is supplied with the equal amount of the no-PRP feed.

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(English) Simultaneous Test